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“My greatest wish for the two of you is that through the years your love for each other will so deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least.”

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

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Jewelry As Bridesmaids Gifts

Women love jewelry. Thus, the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” As a bride-to-be, I’m sure you will be wearing jewelry as you go down that aisle, right? So if you’re wearing them, it’s just right that your bridesmaids wear them too, right? Jewelry is one of the best bridesmaids gifts you can give to your ladies.

First thing you have to remember, is that your bridesmaids come in different shapes and sizes. The thing is, they’re different people, with different looks, and making them wear only one kind of jewelry will not produce good results.

As to the type of jewelry to give out, you can give out different kinds. Pearls are traditional, and they can be in white or pink. Crystal jewelry can add sparkle and elegance. A tiara would look beautiful too, making your bridesmaids feel like princesses on your wedding. No matter what type of jewelry you give out, it does not have to be expensive. There are lots of stores that offer discounts when you buy in bulk or sets. So don’t be afraid to look!

Jewelry doesn’t just make a girl pretty, it also gives them a glowing aura that radiates happiness and glamor. So make your bridesmaids glimmer and glow on your wedding day by giving them bridesmaid’s jewelry. They’ll definitely shine like nothing else.