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wedding musicI love music, and I love weddings. Put the two together, and it ought to mean something. Wedding Music. I don’t have the words to explain how important music is to weddings. It’s the union of two people who are in love, for crying out loud! Can you just imagine what it would be like without music? I know I can’t. Anyway, wedding songs are so romantic and beautiful that it just heightens the emotions of the event even more. It gets the bride to a state where she feels the happiness ten times more. It even gets her teary eyed. From the entourage music to the songs played during reception, wedding music really is the icing on the cake. Hear my favorite wedding songs of all time. If you have any suggestions or favorite wedding song, feel free to comment!

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garden-wedding1Don’t you just love garden weddings? I am essentially a nature person. I love flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, grass, everything green and colorful. That’s why of all wedding settings and themes, I think I would love a garden wedding most, especially if it’s my own wedding.

There are lots of wedding themes to choose from. One time, I even got an invite for a bohemian themed wedding. The possibilities are endless! But why garden weddings? For me, I just feel so at peace with nature. I imagine myself walking down that aisle, barefoot or wearing sandals, I feel the grass on my feet and I see the tree leaves swaying in the air, the gentle rustle of the wind on my face and skin, flowers blooming all around me, as if they’re celebrating the day with me. There’s the big blue sky up above witnessing our vows, and birds are flying by. I could close my eyes and feel like I’m in paradise.

That’s what a garden makes me feel. It is symbolic for me too. Think growth and serenity. A wedding is probably the most wonderful event there is, and the most magical. So why not nurture the magic with a garden wedding?

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Wedding Nostalgia

mainpicDo weddings feel nostalgic to you? For me, for some reason, I get the feeling of nostalgia whenever I attend weddings. I don’t know why really. Looking at the whole setting… the church, the flowers, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flower girls and ring bearer, the guests, the bride walking down the aisle while the groom patiently waits in front of the altar, the wedding gown of the bride, the long walk to the altar, not to mention the music and entourage… everything just adds up to the nostalgic feeling!

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel really solemn and sentimental during weddings. That’s why I usually sit on the back part. Hahaha. But seriously, do weddings create that nostalgic feeling to you too? If not, what do you usually feel when you attend a wedding? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Dream Weddings

weddingI love weddings. There’s always something in them that’s very inspiring. I was feeling up to it, and I was browsing wedding videos on the Internet, and each and every one of these videos showcase couples who are so happy and so in love that it melts my heart. Two people, exchanging vows, wanting to spend the rest of their lives together, what can be more romantic than that, right?

Weddings are such a magical event. Beach weddings, garden weddings, Asian weddings, winter weddings, they’re all fabulous in my opinion. Although I’m more of a garden type wedding girl myself. Regardless of the theme, or the place… what’s important is that you’re marrying your dream person, someone that you love so much, you’re willing to grow old with them. That’s what makes weddings special. The union of two people in front of God. It doesn’t have to be very expensive or grand, as long as you’re marrying the one you love, it’s a dream wedding. 🙂

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Turning Circles


When there’s no one else around to see,
And we’re both scared of what might be…
I would look at myself and wonder,
If I didn’t love you, would everything be better?
For years I’ve allowed myself to fall,
For a long long time, I did it all…
Holding on to a hope that you will reach for my hand,
And together we’ll face the world who wouldn’t understand.
Everyday is a struggle I should face,
to pay the price of wanting this race.
But what of it, makes me stay?
In lies and deception, what would love say?
When the only sound I hear is the beating of our hearts,
and with your very touch, true happiness starts.
Can I let this go, all i want is to be true…
and face the truth that no matter what i do, i really love you.
I tried to fight it, but I’d rather give in…
Though all the happiness I’ve known has been a sin,
Through all this hurt, wondering what could have been.
This has been a cycle right from the start,
Where every single turn is like a stab to my heart.
When I’d wish I could tiptoe out of hiding and pretending,
And finally put an end to this endless waiting,
I see you, and for some reason I know,
This really is worth fighting for!
See I’ve lost myself in this love,
When I’ve tried walking away but can’t,
When I’ve done everything I could, loving you,
When I’ve chosen what I want and need,
but wondering where this will lead…
I let rivers of tears fall from my eyes,
Cried over everything, the truth and lies
When I wipe away the tears off my face,
and embrace these feelings I can’t erase…
I hope to God that someday, in true love you’ll see,
And that you’ll finally choose to be with me.

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Nostalgic Songs

nostalgic.jpgI’ve always loved oldies. So I’ve come up with a compilation of songs that when I listen to, gives me a nostalgic feeling like I’ve been transported back to the past. And since this blog is about inducing a sense of nostalgia, I’m posting it here as well. It’s actually a nice feeling, longing for the past and familiar things or places that we once experienced. If you want to revisit the past and reminisce the memories of yesteryears, then I invite you to check these songs out, because listening to this kind of music will make the experience more genuine. If you have your own songs that give you that nostalgic feeling, please feel free to share them by posting comments. Below is the list of songs. If you want to listen to them, here’s the playlist.

  1. Hardcore Poetry – Tavares
  2. City Of Angels – The Miracles
  3. Sideshow – Blue Magic
  4. Clouds – Bread
  5. I Didn’t Mean To Love You – Helen Reddy
  6. Sam – Olivia Newton-John
  7. The Other Side Of The Sun – Janis Ian
  8. No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors – Orsa Lia
  9. You Never Told Me You Love Me – Gabriel
  10. Moment By Moment – Yvonne Elliman
  11. Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye – Sergio Mendes
  12. Is This Love? – Fire And Rain
  13. Where Is It I Belong? – The Supremes
  14. Just As Long As We Have Love – The Spinners
  15. Good Friend – Mary MacGregor
  16. It Takes Too Long – Eydie Gorme
  17. You And I – Madlene Kane
  18. Living Together – Fire And Rain
  19. She’s A Lady – Richard Sanderson
  20. Jennifer – Bobby Sherman
  21. Words And Music – Andy Gibb
  22. Somebody Waiting – Karen Wyman
  23. Feelings – Morris Albert
  24. Storybook Girl – The Sylvers
  25. Memories – The Temptations
  26. Morning, Noon And Nighttime – Jane Oliver
  27. I Love You – Morris Albert
  28. Tears And Souvenirs – Stylistics
  29. If I Could Reach You – 5th Dimension



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You meet someone. He’s everything you ever wanted. You fall in love. You get to know each other, and guess what? He loves you too! Sparks are flying, and there’s magic in the air. You get along great, and as time goes by you realize how much you really have fallen for him. It seems nothing could go wrong, you’re both so in love with each other, you share everything together, you’re like an ideal couple, in every sense of the word.

Then it happened. Suddenly, you feel like it’s just not the same anymore. He’s no longer sweet, and thoughtful, and caring. He turned from being the most lovable person to practically a migraine-causing stranger. You wonder what you’ve done to cause such a change. You labor over endless assumptions and analysis just to explain why things aren’t working the way they were between the two of you. You wonder, does he still love me? You pluck up the courage to ask him, but he just shrugs and avoids giving you a definite answer. You feel more frustrated than ever. And yet, his actions are loud and clear, even though he’s not saying it to your face. The love he once had for you, is no longer there.

You try to deny it. You hope. That somehow, maybe… you’re wrong. That perhaps, he still loves you and there’s a perfectly good explanation for the way he’s been acting. You desperately want to believe that things will get better. But you know you’re not happy anymore. You cry yourself to sleep every night, trying to think of ways to save your relationship. Trying to revive a feeling that was once there but has died a natural death, trying to mend something that you know is broken beyond repair. But then you wake up, and the truth is staring you hard in the face, it’s OVER. No matter how much you try to deny it, his chapter in your life has come to an end.

So now comes the painful process of letting go. You know in your heart that you have to, that it’s the right thing to do, but you just can’t! You love him. You need him. So the natural tendency is to hold on. You tell yourself to just hold on… even though you know his heart doesn’t belong to you anymore. You come to a point where you blame yourself for what’s happening. But it’s not your fault. You need to understand that there are certain things in life that you can’t control. They need to happen because God allows them to happen.

It’s hard letting go of someone that we have loved for so long. It’s painful to watch the people we love, walk away from us. But if they want to go, we need to let them go! It’s easier said than done, but then again love is never easy. It hurts like crazy, and it hurts so bad that we feel like we’re about to bleed from so much pain. No one can truly explain how painful it is, without having experienced it themselves. It’s not easy, and it will take time. But know this and trust in this, IT WILL GET BETTER. The age old cliché, Time heals all wounds, may sound boring and repetitive, but it’s true. Letting go allows you and your partner to become the people you were meant to be. You can’t control love. You can’t force someone to stay with you, if you know they’re not happy anymore. What you can do is move on. Believe that there’s someone out there who will love you with everything that they have and in the way you deserve to be loved.

If we really and truly love someone, their happiness should mean more to us than our own. It’s called selfless love. So many lovers in the world are put to this kind of test. Ask yourself. How much do you really love him? Do you love him enough to allow him to go where he’s happy, even if it’s no longer with you? Do you love him enough to allow him to be happy without feeling revengeful or bitter? Do you love him enough to let him go?

Letting go doesn’t mean we need to GIVE UP, it just means we need to GIVE IN… give in to the TRUTH, and learn to accept the fact that we may have lost love, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to find it again. Maybe we just needed to love the wrong person first, before we finally love the right one. And when we finally meet the one that’s meant for us, we will know, because nothing and no one can ever take that away from us. Understand this. Only then will we be able to see the beauty of LOVE for what it really is, and appreciate the twist and turns of this journey we call LIFE.imogen.jpg

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