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We met one summer’s day
We smiled and said our names
the way two people often do
He was Capricorn
And the love was born
Although he had a wedding vow
He loved me anyhow
The way two people often do
In a special style
We make love a while
And then he’d go
And I’d knowHe belongs there
Where is it I belong?

…And so at work each day
To friends I’d have to say
Our love would last forevermore
They don’t know his name
How can I explain?
When they don’t know
Like I know…

I loved so willingly
Though he is killing me
With love that never will be mine
I love you, he’ll say
In a special way
Then he goes home
And I know…

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Last Sunset


This was our last,
Last sunset,
The last kiss,
The moment we shared,
We cherished it well,
How we spent it was well enough to make me cry,
The sunset was beautiful as if I can kiss the sky,
As we kiss,
You fade away in my arms,
The things we shared is gone,
The moments we had is gone,
No more us,
No more you,
I miss you,
As you fade away,
Away you go,
Sudden saddness I become,
Over you,
Over the sound the waves crashs,
Crashs towards the waves of the sun,
As you see the sunset,
Fawefell to you and I.

Jennifer Rondeau

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Turning Circles


When there’s no one else around to see,
And we’re both scared of what might be…
I would look at myself and wonder,
If I didn’t love you, would everything be better?
For years I’ve allowed myself to fall,
For a long long time, I did it all…
Holding on to a hope that you will reach for my hand,
And together we’ll face the world who wouldn’t understand.
Everyday is a struggle I should face,
to pay the price of wanting this race.
But what of it, makes me stay?
In lies and deception, what would love say?
When the only sound I hear is the beating of our hearts,
and with your very touch, true happiness starts.
Can I let this go, all i want is to be true…
and face the truth that no matter what i do, i really love you.
I tried to fight it, but I’d rather give in…
Though all the happiness I’ve known has been a sin,
Through all this hurt, wondering what could have been.
This has been a cycle right from the start,
Where every single turn is like a stab to my heart.
When I’d wish I could tiptoe out of hiding and pretending,
And finally put an end to this endless waiting,
I see you, and for some reason I know,
This really is worth fighting for!
See I’ve lost myself in this love,
When I’ve tried walking away but can’t,
When I’ve done everything I could, loving you,
When I’ve chosen what I want and need,
but wondering where this will lead…
I let rivers of tears fall from my eyes,
Cried over everything, the truth and lies
When I wipe away the tears off my face,
and embrace these feelings I can’t erase…
I hope to God that someday, in true love you’ll see,
And that you’ll finally choose to be with me.

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Holding On


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Say You’ll Never Go


How can I make it through the day, without you
You have been so much a part of me
And if you’ll go…
I’ll never know what to do
How can I carry on my way, the memories
When all that is left is the pain of our history
Why should I live my life today?

I cannot live out on my own
And just forget the love you’ve always shown
And accept the fate of my condition
Please don’t ever go
For I cannot live my life alone

Say you’ll never go
Say you’ll never go out my way
Say you’ll never go
For we can still go on
And make it through
Just say you’ll never go
Say you’ll never go away

How can I make my dreams come true, Without you
You were the one who gave love to me
And don’t you know, you are my fantasy

I cannot live out on my own
Just forget the love you’ve always shown
Or accept the fate of my condition
Please don’t ever go
For I cannot live my life alone

Say you’ll never go away.

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There is dignity in not giving up on someone you truly love. But there is more dignity in letting them go so they can experience better love. That shows your true love because you then become unselfish and through putting others first, unconditional love grows.

There is respect in fighting gallantly to win someone’s heart another time. But an even greater respect comes from fighting hard and knowing when to stop. Even though you would give anything to have that past back, that person has touched your life in a way that will make your future so much brighter. Accept that, and hold your head high, knowing you have captured their heart as well.

There is courage in allowing your heart to hurt and grieve, but there is a greater courage in knowing it will be scarred. But stronger as time goes on. For whoever caused those scars has made your life better in some way and will make you better person when you marry because of what the scars taught you.

Remember how many people depend on you and whom you mean the world to. There is fortitude in holding on for another chance although an even greater fortitude comes from extending your hand and heart in friendship realizing you will still share things with that person no one else ever will.

You will always, have the looks and jokes and memories. Don’t ever discount how special those things are in your heart and theirs. True love hurts when it is lost, but an even greater love grows inside yourself through realization that something better is in the world for both of you. And that there are still things to share with that person.

Even though some feeling may have changed. Take their hand and help them achieve their hopes and dreams. Because in that there is dignity, respect, courage, humility, fortitude.

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Empty Space


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