Becoming A Bride


Almost every little girl dreams of being a beautiful bride someday. So when she finally gets that proposal from the love of her life, she’s so ecstatic that at that point, planning the wedding is the least of her concerns. Of course, any bride would love to have a nice wedding, fresh flowers, happy guests, good food, smiling entourage, perhaps arriving in a white limousine… you get the picture.

It’s easy to visualize the perfect wedding, but the actual planning can be a total pain. There are a lot of things to take care of, that sometimes, brides just enlist the help of a professional wedding planner so they won’t be as stressed and she can just enjoy the days leading up to her wedding.

A bride’s accessories is very important. She is the highlight of that special day and she should look stunning. The gown should be beautiful and made especially to fit her personality. The veil, the shoes, the jewelry, plus other accessories should all be picked out carefully.

Every bride deserves to feel like a queen on her wedding day. One of the ways she can feel special is by making sure that the entire wedding is what she herself likes and approves and of course, something that’s within their budget. From the cake, to the wedding invitations, the souvenirs, the food, the bouquet, everything. This should be an event where the bride and groom are happy, relaxed, and ready to enjoy their lives together.

Wedding Favors That Matter

Whenever I attend weddings, one of the things I look forward to are the unique wedding favors. I just love seeing what the couples have decided to give out to their guests. Some couples opt for common wedding favors but its the unique ones that really get me every time. One can really see the time, care and effort the couple put into them. I also love those that I can use as opposed to just displaying them in cabinets. I love favors that are so elegantly presented, as well as those that are wrapped so nicely that shows the couple’s creativity. It doesn’t really matter how small or how big or how useful your favors are. The most important thing is that it represents you as a couple and your guests will remember you when they see it.

Apart from the uniqueness of the favors, my favorites have always been the personalized ones. It just adds meaning to the gift, makes it more special. I’ve received personalized silk fans and travel size lotions, which I still use quite often. I’ve also had one of those mini classic gumball machines that’s so cute and adorable. I’ve also received heart shaped measuring spoons that I use for cooking sometimes. These are wedding favors that don’t just become obsolete but is treasured for years to come. These will make your guests smile. These are unique wedding favors that matter.

Happy Weddings

Sometimes, I cry at weddings. I cry because I’m so touched with the way the lovers look at each other. It’s just so heartwarming. Two people who love each other so much they’ve decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Isn’t that sweet? I know I’m a hopeless romantic, but c’mon, which girl wouldn’t want to end up with the love of their life, right? If you’ve found that perfect partner and he wants you so much to marry you, that’s probably the happiest moment for a lady. It is my wish that the ladies reading this blog will find that perfect guy for them. Here’s to happy weddings and blissful marriages!

That’s Love…

When you have lost all hope, and are just a shattered version of your old self, and someone comes along who is willing to take the time to piece you back together and heal you … that’s love.

It’s You

Our wedding was just the icing on the cake. When I fell in love with you, I knew we were going to spend our lives together. And now, being married to you,  I know in my heart that this is what I was born to do. Thank you for finding me in this chaotic world. It’s you, and no one else.

The Launch

Weddings are always exciting. It’s probably one of the happiest moments in a person’s life, especially for the bride. But let’s not all forget, that a wedding is just a ceremony. It’s a ceremony that unites two people officially in front of people, and in front of God. That’s just the first step to commitment and spending the rest of your life with that one person. Making the marriage work after the wedding is what’s most important. Remember, marriage is a journey, and a wedding is the one that propels and launches you to that journey. Walk the journey holding hands with your partner, through thick and thin.

I Do (Two Words)

I love this song! This is probably the most perfect wedding song. Just look at the lyrics, it’s everything I want to say to my future groom. I wanna sing this in my own wedding someday…